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Rheumatology Consultants West New York

Lupus Treatment

Our patient satisfaction is at an all time high, and we’d love to discuss your lupus treatment!

The Rheumatology Consultants of Western New York is the premier facility for lupus treatment in Buffalo, NY. We have the experience and the knowledge to treat your symptoms and provide the best overall patient experience. From our laboratory to our waiting rooms, our office is equipped to treat a wide range of conditions and ailments. We also use a state of the art Patient Portal for maximum efficiency and convenience. This allows patients to obtain test results, make payments, and fill out paperwork ahead of time, minimizing the time spent in the waiting area. Our patient satisfaction is at an all time high and we’d love to discuss your lupus treatment.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect and damage any part of the body, including skin, joints and organs. Lupus is a chronic condition, meaning the symptoms last longer than six weeks and in most cases for years. Lupus is caused by a malfunction in the immune system, in which the system that is supposed to protect against viruses, bacteria and germs, is unable to determine the difference between foreign bodies and “self”. The immune system creates antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue, causing a host of problems for the patient. Lupus symptoms appear to come in flares, meaning there are periods of time when the patient experiences worsened symptoms, and periods where symptoms improve. Lupus cannot be transferred from one person to another and is not cancer related. It is usually not life threatening, and while there are many different lupus treatments available, there is currently no cure.

What are Lupus Treatments?

Lupus is a difficult disease to treat because symptoms vary from patient to patient. The Rheumatology Consultants treat lupus on a case by case basis. The most effective treatment for lupus is usually a combination of medication. Corticosteriods are FDA approved for lupus treatment, as well as Antimalarials, Benlysta, and Apsirin. It is imperative to seek professional treatment from a rheumatologist because they specialize in bone and joint complications with lupus. The specialists at RCWNY are committed to finding relief for every lupus patient through reducing inflammation, suppressing an overactive immune system, and treating flare ups as they occur. To minimize long term damage to organs it is important to treat every flare up, and the physicians and specialists at Rheumatology Consultants are equipped and prepared to do so!

Choose Us for Lupus Treatment in Buffalo!

Lupus can be a debilitating disease without treatment. RCWNY is committed to finding an effective lupus treatment for every patient. We know how crucial relief is and won’t stop until we find it. Contact us now to discover how you can live with lupus and thrive!